Verification for utilization method based on the image of Geiger-Mueller survey meter

Chiaki Kitamiya, Hironori Yoshino, Kengo Takidai, Keiko Aizu, Yoshiko Nishizawa, Yuka Noto, Yoichiro Hosokawa
The Journal of Radiological Nursing Society of Japan  
This study aimed to identify people's perception when illustrations were attached to the detection unit of a Geiger-Mueller survey meter. Another aim of this study was to ascertain the impact of the measurement efficiency on the measured value when illustrations were attached. A questionnaire using the semantic differential method was circulated to 46 nursing students. In the devised version, the use of illustrations enhanced the "cheerful" image and provided relief from the "tense" image. The
more » ... ealed cobalt-60 sources were measured using a Geiger-Mueller survey meter fitted with illustrations to investigate their impact on measurement efficiency. The impact on the measurement efficiency ranged from 1% to 9%. A suggestion was provided to ascertain an additional reading in
doi:10.24680/rnsj.8.1_22 fatcat:axavvhraqbeolpqwfcsuge4aji