Formation of Landslide Bodies at Numerical Calculations of Making Soil Constructions (Cut and Embankment)

N Gorshkov, S Zhdanova, M Dobromyslov
2018 IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering  
The paper considers the problems in forming the landslide bodies taking into considerations the features of forming Stress Strain State (SSS) and stability of soil structures (cut and embankment). The investigation was carried out on the basis of calculation with the certified finite element method (FEM) GenIDE32. The analysis of phenomena of curls of the displacement vector has been done for the excavation from the uniform soil. It is shown how they influence the places of vertical cracks
more » ... ertical cracks formation and their size and the stability of the top. Curls are not observed in the uniform embankment with the same geometrical (hu=du=const, 1:m=1:1) and other parameters as cut has. The calculation results make it possible to see the appearance and evolution of "plasticity" zones or the limiting state as "compression" and "expansion" zones. Consistent modeling of cut or embankment allows one to see how the landslide body forms including body with vertical cracks. The analysis uses graphs of trajectories of SSS variation in the space of invariants of stress tensor σij and relative deformations εij in important nods and finite elements located at the foots of constructions, where the sliding lines with kst min. appear. These make it possible to see, on graphs of form and volume deformations, where the system is located with the condition, for example, kstmin=1,33> [kst]=1,30 from the condition at which the landslide body formed: kstmin=1,00±0,02≈[kst]=1,00.
doi:10.1088/1757-899x/463/4/042068 fatcat:27i4ttd7ovd43anip4h6oqhibi