Remarks on QFT in the Coordinate Space

A. Much
2019 Revista de la Escuela de Física  
Generators of the Poincaré group, for a free massive scalar field, are usually expressed in the momentum space. In this work we perform a transformation of these generators into the coordinate space. This (spatial)-position space is spanned by eigenvectors of the Newton-Wigner- Pryce operator. The motivation is twofold. First, we want to investigate the localization of a relativistic particle. Furthermore, we need a deeper understanding of the commutative spatial coordinate space in QFT, in
more » ... pace in QFT, in order to investigate the non-commutative version thereof.
doi:10.5377/ref.v6i1.7017 fatcat:wutgj4ftefgztc74jsctscekhi