Parcas is the predominant Rab11GEF for rhodopsin transport in Drosophila photoreceptors

Yuna Otsuka, Takunori Satoh, Nozomi Nakayama, Ryota Inaba, Hitomi Yamashita, Akiko K. Satoh
2019 Journal of Cell Science  
Rab11 is essential for polarized post-Golgi vesicle trafficking to photosensitive membrane rhabdomeres in Drosophila photoreceptors. Here, we found that Parcas (Pcs), recently shown to have guanine nucleotide exchange (GEF) activity toward Rab11, co-localizes with Rab11 on the trans-side of Golgi units and post-Golgi vesicles at the base of the rhabdomeres in pupal photoreceptors. Pcs fused with the electron micrography tag APEX2 localizes on 150-300 nm vesicles at the trans-side of Golgi
more » ... which are presumably fly recycling endosomes. Loss of Pcs impairs Rab11 localization on the trans-side of Golgi units and induces the cytoplasmic accumulation of post-Golgi vesicles bearing rhabdomere proteins, as observed in Rab11 deficiency. In contrast, loss of Rab11-specific subunits of the TRAPPII complex, another known Rab11-GEF, does not cause any defects in eye development nor the transport of rhabdomere proteins; however, simultaneous loss of TRAPPII and Pcs results in severe defects in eye development. These results indicate that both TRAPPII and Pcs are required for eye development, but Pcs functions as the predominant Rab11-GEF for post-Golgi transport to photosensitive membrane rhabdomeres.
doi:10.1242/jcs.231431 pmid:31296556 fatcat:povcr5h5qnevzetykqn2bd5nua