Relación entre Factores Individuales y Familiares de Riesgo para Desórdenes Alimenticios en Alumnos de Enseñanza Media

L. González, M. Hidalgo, M. Hurtado, C. Nova, M. Venegas
2011 Revista de Psicología  
This paper analyses the most important subjective functions of the Neuroendocrine System from a dynamic perspective. These functions emerge from the interaction of the individuals of different species with their environments. They are phenotypic phenomena, i.e., they have a genetic basis that allows the expression of the neural framework of subjectivity; thus, the contents of the subjective processes depend on the environment or environments the individual interacts with. There is no
more » ... re is no subjectivity without a brain, and none without an environment Subjective functions -subjectivity -constitute one of the integrative functions of the brain,
doi:10.5354/0719-0581.2002.17211 fatcat:g3wxm4adwfesvnabmohrnhmyda