An observational study on Standard Operating Procedure (S. O. P.) of Vicharana Snehapana for Samshodhana

Satyajit Pandurang Kulkarni, Pallavi S Joshi
2019 Journal of Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicine  
Panchakarma is unique method of treatment mentioned in Ayurveda which removes the vitiated Dosha and considered superior than Shamana [1] . To perform Panchakarma Dosha should be present in Koshthaby application of Snehana and Swedana. So, Abhyantara Snehana is very significant procedure among the Panchakarma. There are twomethods of Snehana [2] . One is Achcha Snehana in which only Sneha is consumed orally and other is Vicharana Snehana which means consuming Sneha mixed with food article like
more » ... food article like milk, mutton juice, curd etc. VicharanaSnehana is a method of Abhyantara Snehana which has some specific indications. In practice only Accha Snehapana is followed and Vicharana Snehapana is not followed. So, the studyabout standard operating procedure (S. O. P.) of Vicharana type of Snehana was needed. The dose, methods, sign and symptoms of Snehana, Complication of Snehana and suitability of Vicharana type Snehana has been studied in detail. Method: An observational study was carried out over 44 individuals who undergone Snehapana by Vicharana Snehapana and the results were obtained. Observations: it was observed that by Vicharana type of Snehapana symptoms of samyak Snehana can be seen in the given dose of Sneha by this method. Conclusion: Finally it was concluded that Vicharana Snehapana is also a type of Snehapana and signs & symptoms of Samyak Snehana were observed after 5 days by VicharanaSnehapana and not a single case of complication of Snehana was found in our study.
doi:10.31254/jahm.2019.5102 fatcat:3d4upun2hzgrngj74kfwmfitha