The Role of the Diameter of the Titanium, Fiber and Zirconium Posts

Vesna Jurukovska Shotarovska, Biljana Kapusevska, Nikola Dereban
The goal is to compare the strength of a fracture among titanium, fiber and zirconium posts. We have formed three group: titanium, fiber and zirconium" and each group has 20 samples with 3 different diameters. The posts were tested using "Shimadzu Univerzal Testing Mashine" at the same distance, and the force was applied to all at the same place. The fracture strength was registered on a special software system. Between posts with the same diameter (1.2 mm) the greatest average fracture force
more » ... ge fracture force has titanium posts 161.69 N (± 0.07), followed by fiber posts 45.38N (± 0, 01) and zirconium posts 34.81N (± 0.01). between the subgroups of the same diameter (1.35mm), the greatest average fracture strength has the titanium posts 165.26N (± 0.01), followed by the fiber posts 71.57N (± 0.01) and zirconium posts 46.53N (± 0.004). between the subgroups of the same diameter (1.5 mm) the largest average fracture force has titanium posts 202.42N (± 0.01), followed by fiber posts 73.67N (± 0.004) and zirconium posts 67.15N (± 0.004). The diameter of the different types of posts gives different mechanical properties that affect differently the resistance of the fracture strength.
doi:10.24297/jab.v11i0.7603 fatcat:su76f27xtvauxgewch4uyp3naq