Archeological Investigations in the Upper Trinity River Basin in Parker County, Texas

2020 Index of Texas Archaeology Open Access Grey Literature from the Lone Star State  
Homer Norris (1929-2018), a commercial artist by profession and a life-time resident of eastern Parker County, in North-Central Texas, in the South Fork and Clear Fork drainages of the upper Trinity River basin, roamed the landscape from at least 30-50 years ago in search of archeological evidence of Native American use and settlement in the basin. He took and maintained detailed notes, records, and drawings of the sites he found and the artifacts he recovered, as well as pertinent information
more » ... tinent information on the context of finds, including those noted eroding out of stream cut banks and in stream beds of the South Fork and Clear Fork in the Anetta-Aledo areas of Parker County, about 15 miles west of Fort Worth, an area of about 5 miles on a side. This information, made available by his daughter Lanie Garmon of Aledo, Texas, from his archeological investigations is detailed herein, along with a summary of how his investigations contribute to a fuller understanding of the native history of this region of Texas.
doi:10.21112/ita.2020.1.14 fatcat:og3y4ljryjgn7dlp5ryiaefhwy