Internalisasi Nilai Hukum Islam dalam Rancangan KUHP di Indonesia (Studi terhadap Tindak pidana perzinahan dalam KUHP dan RKUHP )

Lisma Lisma
2019 EKSPOSE  
law until now many cause problems in society, such as congregation kebo, blasphemy, gambling and liquor. The internalization of Islamic law in the renewal of the penal law is in line with customary law and customary law which does not allow any act that violates customary law and customary law in a society as in the siri 's bugis culture which does not permit the carrying of child girls as in customary kajang law allowing women and men to rally or to be together, even in Aceh have even made
more » ... have even made regionallevel rules about the prohibition of a woman and a man on a budget. Internalization of these values requires that every formulation of law to be included in the draft penal code unearth the essence of Islamic law derived from the Qur'an, Sunnah and Qiyas. This study uses descriptive analytical method with normative juridical approach that examines the legislation relating to the issue and incorporated library literary materials that can explain the function of Islamic law in solving legal issues in Indonesia.
doi:10.30863/ekspose.v18i1.281 fatcat:okszifsbxjdsda4bhep3bgyh7y