Research on wind power grid-connected operation and dispatching strategies of Liaoning power grid

Qiu Han, Zhi Qu, Zhi Zhou, Xiaoyang He, Tie Li, Xiaoming Jin, Jinze Li, Zhaowei Ling
2018 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
As a kind of clean energy, wind power has gained rapid development in recent years. Liaoning Province has abundant wind resources and the total installed capacity of wind power is in the forefront. With the large-scale wind power grid-connected operation, the contradiction between wind power utilization and peak load regulation of power grid has been more prominent. To this point, starting with the power structure and power grid installation situation of Liaoning power grid, the distribution
more » ... the distribution and the space-time output characteristics of wind farm, the prediction accuracy, the curtailment and the off-grid situation of wind power are analyzed. Based on the deep analysis of the seasonal characteristics of power network load, the composition and distribution of main load are presented. Aiming at the problem between the acceptance of wind power and power grid adjustment, the scheduling strategies are given, including unit maintenance scheduling, spinning reserve, energy storage equipment settings by the analysis of the operation characteristics and the response time of thermal power units and hydroelectric units, which can meet the demand of wind power acceptance and provide a solution to improve the level of power grid dispatching.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/121/5/052068 fatcat:rtipk2guwbbnlmoig4ebrqy5oq