X-ray diffraction study of high pressure transition in InOOH

Asami SANO, Takehiko YAGI, Taku OKADA, Hirotada GOTOU, Eiji OHTANI, Jun TSUCHIYA, Takumi KIKEGAWA
2008 Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences  
We performed highpressure and hightemperature Xray diffraction experiments on InOOH using laser heated diamond anvil cells. After heating at 1��� K, pyrite at 1��� K, pyritetype InOOH was formed at 14 GPa and it was stable up to at least �� GPa. Pyritetype InOOH partially transformed back to distorted rutiletype InOOH after recovery. The lattice constant and unitcell volume of pyritetype InOOH were determined to be a � = 5.�151(8) Šand V � = 15�.15 (7) Š� at ambient conditions, respectively.
more » ... ons, respectively. The density difference between pyritetype and distorted rutiletype InOOH was 5% at ambient condition.
doi:10.2465/jmps.071022m fatcat:gt4zen33wvfvhkul3ybudppyva