Organic chemistry

1903 Journal of the Chemical Society Abstracts  
a n d 639).-When dissolved i n ethyl bromide, the compounds of the compositions A1Br3,Br"CSP and 2AlBr3,Br4,CS2, previously described by the author (loc. cit.), give rise t o a new compound of the formula AlBr"Br EtEr,CS" which separates in pale yellow crystals melting at 69-7?' . It is slowly decomposed by water according t o the equation : 2(A1Br3,Br2,EtBr,CS2) + aq. = SAIBr?, aq, + CBr,<SEt), + CS,Br,.
doi:10.1039/ca9038400137 fatcat:zcc7otxdmjbbhjdgbddt76fhga