Study on Application of Tracer Gas Experiment Method Based on Dynamic Steady State Concentration Using High Response Concentration Measuring Instrument Part 1. Steady State Concentration Distribution Measurement
高応答性濃度測定機器を用いた動的定常濃度に基づくトレーサガス実験法に関する検討 Part 1. 定常濃度分布測定

佐藤 要, 倉渕 隆, 竹内 仁哉, 吉野 一, 鳥海 吉弘, 池村 尚也
2019 Techinical Papers of Annual Meeting the Society of Heating,Air-conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan  
doi:10.18948/shasetaikai.2019.4.0_145 fatcat:ytarwq36mzbklgqmqw7puw5kbq