The Challenges of Evolving and Developing Management Indigenous Theories and Practices in Africa

Benjamin James Inyang
2009 International Journal of Business and Management  
The evolution and development of indigenous management theories and practices in Africa has been seriously affected and retarded by colonialism. The colonial administration introduced western management theories and practices, considered as the drivers and the panacea for the continent's socio-politico-economic development. Western scholarship and literature generally devalued and deprecated the astonishing management prowess and practices of early African civilizations, as evidenced, for
more » ... e, in the building of the great Egyptian pyramids. These foreign management systems generally failed to achieve the expected goals as they discountenanced African cultural inertia and social milieu. The paper argued for the development of indigenous African management philosophy, which will be rooted in the African culture, value system and beliefs, to provide the practical way for the efficient and effective running of organizations in Africa, with its global competitiveness. The Ubuntu management system and the "new management techniques", which emphasize humanness, communalism and African patriotism, provide the veritable starting point for the development of indigenous African management philosophy.
doi:10.5539/ijbm.v3n12p122 fatcat:g5ezdbtxizefjl4sxdudpnnqzi