Diagnosis of the practice of physical exercise in the Guanabacoa municipality

Claudia Rodríguez Almeida, Jorge de Lázaro Coll Costa, Ardy Rafael Rodríguez García, Yamila Fernández Nieves, Yolanda Valdés Andrés
2019 Podium  
In today's world, people perform physical exercises as a way to improve their health status, physical condition, image, constructive use of leisure and quality of life. Different studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of physical exercise in the body, also refer to the importance of dosing them to avoid injuries and diseases in practitioners. This becomes one of the vital steps when we are going to practice them, because from there we mark the goal that we pursue and according to the dosage
more » ... that we apply, the results will be. The objective of this research was to diagnose the current state of the practice of physical exercise in the Guanabacoa municipality. The type of study used was not experimental-descriptive. The methods used were among the theorists, the analytical-synthetic; within the empirical surveys and documentary analysis and as statistical-mathematical, descriptive statistics. The results reveal the need for trained specialists to direct the practice of physical exercises in the municipality of Guanabacoa. The lack of knowledge on the part of the specialists in the dosage and planning of the physical exercises is checked.
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