The influence of using heat storage with PCM on inlet and outlet temperatures in substation in DHS

Kinga Nogaj, Michał Turski, Robert Sekret, B. Kaźmierczak, M. Kutyłowska, K. Piekarska, H. Jouhara, J. Danielewicz
2017 E3S Web of Conferences  
The main objective of this article is to indicate the direction of development of new generation heating systems that use phase change materials, and the important criteria needed when choosing a phase change material. The work contains a detailed classification of materials using the latent heat of organic and inorganic PCM. This references the technical possibilities of existing heat storage technologies. A specific objective was adopted to determine the effect of using heat storage with PCM
more » ... t storage with PCM on inlet and outlet temperatures in substation in district heating systems. The scope of the study included determining the parameters of the heat distribution network as a function of an outdoor air temperature within the range of -20°C to + 12°C. The object of analysis was chosen to be the heating system parameters: supply 120°C and return 60°C. It is located on the surface of 160km 2 , and supplies heat to 240,000 residents. The total length of the district heating network is 170 km. Based on the study, it was found that the most advantageous material that accumulates heat depends on the return temperature in the heating network. For the above analyzed case, the return temperature was in the range of 46°C to 57°C. The analysis showed that the most preferred materials using heat of phase change, have possible applications in heating networks and received a return temperature including salt hydrates, such as MgSO4·7H2O and Na2S2O3·5H2O. The introduction of stored heat for the district heating system with the phase change material in the form of salt hydrates, allows the return temperature in the district heating to remain at temperatures compatible with the adopted regulatory table for temperatures outside the standard heating season.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/20172200124 fatcat:igdowtds45amljmgiyrxbqmfzm