Dichotomies with No Invariant Unstable Manifolds for Autonomous Equations

Răzvan O. Moşincat, Ciprian Preda, Petre Preda
2012 Journal of Function Spaces and Applications  
We analyze the existence of (no past) exponential dichotomies for a well-posed autonomous differential equation (that generates aC0-semigroup ). The novelty of our approach consists in the fact that we do not assume theT(t)-invariance of the unstable manifolds. Roughly speaking, we prove that if the solution of the corresponding inhomogeneous difference equation belongs to any sequence space (on which the right shift is an isometry) for every inhomogeneity from the same class of sequence
more » ... of sequence spaces, then the continuous-time solutions of the autonomous homogeneous differential equation will exhibit a (no past) exponential dichotomic behavior. This approach has many advantages among which we emphasize on the facts that the aforementioned condition is very general (since the class of sequence spaces that we use includes almost all the known sequence spaces, as the classical spaces, sequence Orlicz spaces, etc.) and that from discrete-time conditions we get information about the continuous-time behavior of the solutions.
doi:10.1155/2012/527647 fatcat:7gqtz772hrbmhof2whc5oqbs5q