István Bartha
2011 Annals of the Oradea University: Fascicle Management and Technological Engineering  
The precise determination of radiating heat returns is an important factor of the establishment of energetic conditions of an building. Nowadays buildings shall use available renewable energy sources with increasing efficiency. A room having interior sizes of 3,03,02,8 m has been built for measuring radiated heat quantities. The exterior walls of the measuring room are made of 20-cm thick KINGSPAN cold-storage plant panel. In previous publication I presented the problems concerning the pilot
more » ... ncerning the pilot plant. In this article of mine I am presenting the principle of the measuring and archiving device as well as development carried out during the pilot plant period. These results have proved that this direction was right to decide for which high-precision measurement an individually constructed high-precision device is suitable and so facilitates scientific conclusions in the energetic field concerning buildings.
doi:10.15660/auofmte.2011-3.2349 fatcat:ttloo5ub7beh3pcgmdpj66evaa