Sangeeta S, Lohith B A, Amritha Rajan
2020 Journal of Pharmaceutical and Scientific Innovation  
Vamana, included among the Panchakarma is a procedure in which vitiated doshas are expelled through the process of emesis i.e. expelling contents through the mouth. Vamana drugs act on the basis of its Ushna, Tiksna, Suksma, Vyavayi, Vikasiguna and by virtue of its bhautika composition. Drugs of Vamanopaga category support the easy execution, by aiding the whole procedure. From the modern point of view the drugs act via many of the pathways, ultimately stimulating the vomiting centre in the
more » ... g centre in the brain which initiates and controls the whole process. Through this article, an attempt has been made to understand the process of vomiting induced by the ingestion of Vamana aushadha; its properties and how these effects the corresponding pathways to trigger vomiting.
doi:10.7897/2277-4572.091161 fatcat:552ffhzeczamdcl2oy2ffyz4k4