Management of Aggressive Periodontitis by Interdisciplinary Approach: A Case Report

2018 Indian Journal of Dental Advancements  
The primary objective of periodontal therapy is to restore and maintain the health and integrity of the attachment apparatus of teeth. In adults, the loss of teeth or periodontal support can result in pathological teeth migration involving either a single tooth or a group of teeth. This may result in the development of a median diastema or general spacing of the teeth with or without incisal proclination, rotation or tipping of bicuspids and molars with the collapse of the posterior occlusion,
more » ... sterior occlusion, and decreasing vertical dimension. Adjunctive orthodontic therapy is necessary to resolve these problems. Alignment of crowded or malposed teeth should be an advantage to clean up all surfaces of the teeth, which is essential care for the periodontitis. The present case report discusses the clinical presentation and treatment carried out in a case of generalized aggressive periodontitis with pathological migration of teeth by combined periodontal and orthodontic therapy.
doi:10.5866/2018.10.10109 fatcat:ae6ozysvoraupojzvochjane6q