Design of Programmable LED Controller with a Variable Current Source for 3D Image Display

Kyung-Ryang Lee, Sung-Dae Yeo, Seung-Il Cho, Seong-Kweon Kim
2014 Information  
Conventional fluorescent light sources, as well as incandescent light sources are gradually being replaced by Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for reducing power consumption in the image display area for multimedia application. An LED light source requires a controller with a low-power operation. In this paper, a low-power technique using adiabatic operation is applied for the implementation of LED controller with a stable constant-current, a low-power and low-heat function. From the simulation
more » ... the simulation result, the power consumption of the proposed LED controller using adiabatic operation was reduced to about 87% in comparison with conventional operation with a constant VDD. The proposed circuit is expected to be an alternative LED controller which is sensitive to external conditions such as heat.
doi:10.3390/info5040652 fatcat:qz7d7gw6jvbbtbwnw3oo6jq4gu