Quantitative Vulnerability Assessment of Cyber Security for Distribution Automation Systems

Xiaming Ye, Junhua Zhao, Yan Zhang, Fushuan Wen
2015 Energies  
The distribution automation system (DAS) is vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to the widespread use of terminal devices and standard communication protocols. On account of the cost of defense, it is impossible to ensure the security of every device in the DAS. Given this background, a novel quantitative vulnerability assessment model of cyber security for DAS is developed in this paper. In the assessment model, the potential physical consequences of cyber-attacks are analyzed from two levels:
more » ... inal device level and control center server level. Then, the attack process is modeled based on game theory and the relationships among different vulnerabilities are analyzed by introducing a vulnerability adjacency matrix. Finally, the application process of the proposed methodology is illustrated through a case study based on bus 2 of the Roy Billinton Test System (RBTS). The results demonstrate the reasonability and effectiveness of the proposed methodology.
doi:10.3390/en8065266 fatcat:ucpkm2ejwfhhtku6epuybue424