Multi-response optimization of process parameters for powder mixed electro-discharge machining according to the surface roughness and surface micro-hardness using Taguchi-TOPSIS

Phan H. Nguyen, Long T. Banh, Viet. D. Bui, Dung T. Hoang
2018 International Journal of Data and Network Science  
In this study, the efficiency of integration between Taguchi and TOPSIS in multi-response optimization of powder mixed electrical discharge machining (PMEDM) process was evaluated. The input parameters, such as workpiece and tool electrode material, polarity, pulse on time (ton), pulse off time (toff), Current (I) and powder concentration have been selected to optimize two responses; namely surface roughness (Ra) and surface hardness (HV). The results show that titanium powder mixed dielectric
more » ... r mixed dielectric fluid improves multi-response optimization efficiency in PMEDM. In addition, machining conditions, such as tool electrode material, powder concentration, pulse on time, polarity, current density, A×G and B×G interactions play a very important role on S/N ratio of C* whereby powder concentration has the strongest influence. TOPSIS -Taguchi is a potential method for multi-response optimization in PMEDM. However, the optimal results using ANOVA analysis show that there is a necessity to have more studies in TOPSIS-Taguchi to improve the integration efficiency between two methods for optimizing multiple responses in PMEDM.
doi:10.5267/j.ijdns.2018.9.001 fatcat:6mmkixmzi5hqbbpfsovwec4w6u