State Estimation Based on Sigma Point Kalman Filter for Suspension System in Presence of Road Excitation Influenced by Velocity of the Car

Chi Nguyen Van
2019 Journal of Control Science and Engineering  
The states of the suspension system including the road excitation depend on the road quality, the velocity of the car, and the sprung mass. Those states play a very important role in the control problem of stability, ride comfort, ride safety, and dynamic wheel load of the suspension systems. The velocities and deflections of the sprung mass and unsprung mass would not be measured fully in the practice. Therefore, it must be estimated by other measured quantities from the system such as
more » ... tem such as acceleration and deflection of sprung mass and unsprung mass. To control the active suspension system, its states need to be estimated accurately and guaranteed the response time. This paper presents the method using the sigma point Kalman filter to estimate the suspension system's states including the road excitation, the deflections, and the velocities of the sprung mass and unsprung mass. The mathematical model of the suspension system is rewritten for the state estimation problem, and the stochastic load profile is supposed the main noise input. The stochastic characteristic of the road excitation depending on the car's velocity is taken into account in the model used for suspension system state estimation. The results calculated based on the practical experiment data for specific road profile with some particular velocities of the car show that the suspension system states are estimated quite accurately in comparison with the practice states.
doi:10.1155/2019/6898756 fatcat:yywbxgkacvb5nb5y5ykxich5xu