Selected Properties of Overlaid Magnesium Based Composite Panels for Flooring

Fidan Aslanova, Gozen Elkiran, Salim Hiziroglu, Serkan Ilseven
2020 Applied Sciences  
The objective of this work was to evaluate some of the mechanical and physical properties of the flooring materials manufactured from panels having magnesia substrate overlaid with oak veneer (Querqus alba) and linoleum sheets. Commercially manufactured panels were used in this work. Bending characteristics, internal bond strength, thickness swelling, and surface quality of the samples were evaluated. The highest modulus of elasticity (MOE) value of 4406 MPa for the sample type-A2 was loaded in
more » ... pe-A2 was loaded in the direction of the substrate followed by 3478 MPa for linoleum covered samples which were loaded in the same direction. Internal bond strength values of the panels did not show any significant differences from each other. Dimensional stability of the specimens in the form of thickness swelling for both 2-h and 24-h water soaking tests resulted in values ranging from 0.11 to 0.19%. The surface quality of the samples was not substantially influenced as a function of water exposure. Based on the results in this work magnesium substrate overlaid with oak veneer and linoleum panels could have potential to be used as flooring material with accepted properties.
doi:10.3390/app10155028 fatcat:xkw4vyjb4rhgvjlc4vqlfrei2y