Publisher Correction: Tear resistance of soft collagenous tissues

Kevin Bircher, Manuel Zündel, Marco Pensalfini, Alexander E. Ehret, Edoardo Mazza
2019 Nature Communications  
The original version of this Article contained errors in the third and fourth sentences of the 'Computational material models' section of the "Methods", which incorrectly read 'The model is generated by randomly placing cross-links at a density of ρ c = 0.075 m −2 within a specified domain 31 . Four connectors representing the fibers are defined for each cross-link based on a random-weighted sampling process with uniform orientation distribution and a distribution in length resembling the shape
more » ... esembling the shape of a Poisson distribution with mean L c = 10 m, if not specified otherwise.' The correct version states 'ρ c = 0.075 μm −2 ' in place of 'ρ c = 0.075 m −2 ' and 'L c = 10 μm' rather than 'L c = 10 m'.
doi:10.1038/s41467-019-10560-y fatcat:fanvl2kxqvgwvldbkspkhhrksu