Effects of Giving Bay Leaf (Syzygium polyanthum) Extract Into Drinking Water on External Morphometry in Mojosari Alabio (MA) Male Duck

Anggraeni, Ristika Handarini, Ary Ridho Musthofa
2021 Proceedings of the International Seminar on Promoting Local Resources for Sustainable Agriculture and Development (ISPLRSAD 2020)   unpublished
Mojosari Alabio (MA) is a local breed characterized by its qualitative and quantitative specific performance. Utilization of herbs including Indonesian bay leaf containing phytochemicals such as flavonoids is a way to improve the potential and productivity of MA ducks. Flavonoid is polypherol compounds having antiviral, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties. This study was aimed at assessing the effects of giving drinking water containing leaf extract of Indonesian bay leaf (EDS) on the
more » ... rnal morphometric of male MA ducks. Seventy-two MA day-old ducks were adapted to commercial rations (100% CP) and drinking water containing EDS for a week. A completely randomized design with 3 treatments and 6 replicates of 4 ducks was used. Treatments consisted of drinking water containing 0% EDS (R0), 4% EDS (R1), and 8% EDS (R2). Data were subjected to an analysis of variance and a Duncan test. Measurements were taken on head parts including bill length, bill width, head length, and head width, neck and body parts including neck length, back length and pelvic bone width, and extremities including wing length, and thigh length. Results showed that no significant effects (P>0.05) of treatments were found all parameters measured. It was concluded that the inclusion of leaf extract of Indonesian bay leaf up to 8% in drinking water did not affect external morphometric of male MA ducks. It was recommended that further studies on the inclusion of leaf extract of Indonesian bay leaf in drinking water in higher concentration and its effect on the morphometric of male MA ducks be conducted.
doi:10.2991/absr.k.210609.027 fatcat:6ngph2lkafg4bbnnsypwt457h4