Effect of supplementation of vitamin E and selenium from Lolyvit-ES on the performance of broiler

Mohammad Salahuddin, Zahirul Haque Khandaker, Mohammad Mohiuddin, Md Mostain Billah
2018 Asian Journal of Medical and Biological Research  
<p>An experiment was conducted in the poultry rearing unit of Sahjalal Animal Nutrition Field Laboratory, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh for a period of 30 days by using 108 one week aged straight run Starbro broiler chicks to find out the effect of vitamin E and selenium as feed supplement for the performance of broiler. Chicks were distributed into 4 dietary treatment groups each having three replications (R1, R<sub>2</sub>, R<sub>3</sub>) and each replication contains 9
more » ... on contains 9 chicks. Dietary treatment groups were T<sub>0</sub> (Control i.e. without supplemental vitamin E and Selenium), T<sub>1</sub> (Control + 50 mg vitamin E 0.11 mg selenium per kg diet), T<sub>2</sub> (Control + 100 mg vitamin and 0.22 mg Selenium per kg diet and T<sub>3</sub> (Control + 150 mg vitamin E and 0.33 mg Selenium per kg diet). At end of the feeding trail the body weight of birds were 1238.28, 1231.85, 1272.59, and 1218.33 gm/bird in treatment groups T<sub>0</sub>, T<sub>1</sub>, T<sub>2</sub> and T<sub>3</sub> respectively which differ significantly (p&lt;0.05) where highest body weight observed in T2 group . Body weight gain was highest in T2 (control+100mg vitamin E and 0.22 mg Selenium per kg diet) and lowest in T0 (control). Total Feed consumption during the experimental period was 2480.30, 2523.80, 2564.56 and 2555.39 g for T<sub>0</sub>, T<sub>1</sub>, T<sub>2</sub> and T<sub>3</sub> respectively. At 2<sup>nd</sup> and 3<sup>rd</sup> week of age, weekly feed conversion ratio were significantly (p&lt;0.05) higher in T<sub>2</sub> group than the other groups including control. Meat yield parameter of broilers showed significant (P&lt;0.05) differences in dressing weight, breast weight and shank weight. Based on the above findings, the result suggest that supplementation of Vitamin E 100 mg and 0.22 mg Selenium per kg diet from "Lolyvit-ES" as a source of Vitamin E and Selenium may be used in broiler rations.</p><p>Asian J. Med. Biol. Res. December 2017, 3(4): 521-528</p>
doi:10.3329/ajmbr.v3i4.35344 fatcat:bhlovhzo6zdgzcrdijgj27woxm