Effects of interface roughness on the annealing behaviour of laminated Ti-Al composite deformed by hot rolling

Y Du, G H Fan, T Yu, N Hansen, L Geng, X Huang
2015 IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering  
A laminated Ti-Al composite has been fabricated by hot compaction and hot rolling of alternate layers of commercial purity Ti and Al sheets with a thickness of 200 μm. The hot compaction temperature was 500˚C and in a following step the composite has been reduced 50% in thickness by hot rolling. The fully consolidated composite has been annealed at 300˚C and 500˚C for different length of time. As a result of the differences in crystal structure and mechanical properties between Ti and Al
more » ... ions and retrusions formed at the interface. A heterogeneous interface has thereby been created. The heterogeneity affected the recovery kinetics of the aluminium phase which at 300˚C was faster near the interface than in the middle of the Al layer. This effect of a heterogeneous interface is of relevance when optimizing the thermomechanical processing of the composite to obtain high strength and formability for application.
doi:10.1088/1757-899x/89/1/012021 fatcat:ysigsf5e3ff5nlwohiqfd237si