Combined Effect of Tides and Wind on Water Exchange in a Semi-Enclosed Shallow Sea

Jiancheng Shang, Jian Sun, Lei Tao, Yuanyi Li, Zhenhua Nie, Haiying Liu, Rui Chen, Dekui Yuan
2019 Water  
The Bohai Sea is a semi-enclosed shallow sea in China, where the tides and wind are the dominant factors contributing to the water exchange with the Yellow Sea. However, existing studies on this water exchange primarily consider only the effect of tidal action, neglecting the contribution of wind. In this study, numerical models were used to simulate the hydrodynamic processes and tracer transport, with the consideration of both tides and wind. Based on the models, the two time scales, age and
more » ... me scales, age and half-life, are applied to study the water exchange in the Bohai Sea quantitatively. The results show that the age and half-life decrease significantly when wind is included in the simulation, revealing that wind is an important contributor to the water exchange in such a semi-enclosed shallow sea. Under the combined forcing of tides and wind, the water transport in the Bohai Sea becomes clockwise, in contrast with the counterclockwise transport driven by the tides only. The seasonal-varying wind leads to a fluctuation of water exchange in an annual cycle, with the stronger water exchange in the northern (Liaodong Bay) and the western (Bohai Bay) regions of the Bohai Sea in winter and in the southern part (Laizhou Bay) in summer.
doi:10.3390/w11091762 fatcat:ff3scbplzrbpbjenumn7gotwha