A dielectric continuum molecular dynamics method

Massimo Marchi, Daniel Borgis, Nicolas Levy, Pietro Ballone
2001 Journal of Chemical Physics  
We introduce a novel method to simulate hydrated macromolecules with a dielectric continuum representation of the surrounding solvent. In our approach, the interaction between the solvent and the molecular degrees of freedom is described by means of a polarization density free energy functional which is minimum at electrostatic equilibrium. After a pseudospectral expansion of the polarization and a discretization of the functional, we construct the equations of motion for the system based on a
more » ... ar-Parrinello technique. In the limit of the adiabatic evolution of the polarization field variables, our method provides the solution of the dielectric continuum problem "on the fly," while the molecular coordinates are propagated. In this first study, we show how our dielectric continuum molecular dynamics method can be successfully applied to hydrated biomolecules, with low cost compared to free energy simulations with explicit solvent. To our knowledge, this is the first time that stable and conservative molecular dynamic simulations of solutes can be performed for a dielectric continuum model of the solvent.
doi:10.1063/1.1348028 fatcat:nw2ilpfpdbdpzaazlww6xp76dq