Epidemiological features of Ixodic tick-borne Borreliosis in children in the Ulyanovsk region

A. A. Nafeyev, T. M. Bergelson, A. A. Nafeyeva
2019 Detskie Infekcii (Moskva)  
This paper presents materials on the incidence of children with ixodiс tick-borne borreliosis in the Ulyanovsk region for the period 1996—2017.28 cases of tick-borne borreliosis among children were recorded. Tick suction in April-May was observed in 6 (21.4%) children, in June—August — in 12 (42.9%), in September—November — in 10 (35.7%). Migratory erythema was detected in 15 patients (53.6%). In half of the cases, moderate intoxication symptoms were observed (57.1%). Borreliosis was confirmed
more » ... osis was confirmed laboratory early in 75% of cases.Thus, a feature of ixodiс tick-borne borreliosis in children in the Ulyanovsk region is: detection of the disease during the period of tick activity, that is, in the early stages; equal ratio of erythema and non-erythhema forms; the prevalence in the clinic of mild symptoms of intoxication; laboratory confirmation in 75% of cases in the early stages. The presence of migratory erythema in the patient gives reason for the diagnosis of ixodiс tick-borne borreliosis even in the absence of positive results of a serological examination.
doi:10.22627/2072-8107-2019-18-4-53-55 fatcat:vojvem7m7zao3hliqscxx4lhai