Nonexistence of solutions to a fractional differential boundary value problem

Maysaa Al-Qurashi, Lakhdar Ragoub
2016 Journal of Nonlinear Science and its Applications  
We investigate new results about Lyapunov-type inequality by considering a fractional boundary value problem subject to mixed boundary conditions. We give a necessary condition for nonexistence of solutions for a class of boundary value problems involving Riemann-Liouville fractional order. The order considered here is 3 < α ≤ 4. The investigation is based on a construction of Green's function and on finding its corresponding maximum value. In order to illustrate the result, we provide an
more » ... we provide an application of Lyapunov-type inequality for an eigenvalue problem and we show how the necessary condition of existence can be employed to determine intervals for the real zeros of the Mittag-Leffler function.
doi:10.22436/jnsa.009.05.27 fatcat:j3psi3b5xzbohmxeklbuxaka5e