The Lactoferrin Receptor Is Differentially Expressed in Different Regions of Brain and Responds to LF Intervention in Piglets

Siqi Wang, Nai Zhang, Bing Wang
2020 Current Developments in Nutrition  
Objectives To molecular characterize the expression levels of lactoferrin receptor (LfR) in different regions of brain and its response to lactoferrin (LF) intervention in piglets. Methods 3-day-old male piglets were randomly allocated to groups (Grp) 1 fed milk replacer supplemented with LF 1.1 g/L (n = 16) and Grp 2 0.06 g/L (n = 16) as control. Piglets were euthanised at 38 days of age. Gene and protein expression of LfR was analysed using we published methods (1). Study protocol has been
more » ... rotocol has been approved by animal ethic committee of Xiamen University. Results Our results showed that the cellular levels of mRNA coding for LfR was differentially expressed in ten sub-regions of piglet's brain. The highest expression level of LfR gene was found in the prefrontal cortex (PF, 20.45 ± 2.11) following by the parietal lobe (PL), brainstem (BS), occipital lobe (OL), sub ventricular zone (SVZ), olfactory bulb (OB), hippocampus (Hip), amygdala (Amy), cerebellum (CE) and thalamus (THA) respectively. The mRNA expression of LfR in the PF was ∼15% time higher than that of thalamus (THA, 1.38 ± 0.549). Overall differences between sub-regions of brain were highly significant. There was a positive correlation between expression level of mRNA and protein of the tested tissues. LfR expression in different regions of brain significantly responded to dietary LF intervention in piglets (P < 0.05). Conclusions We demonstrated that LfR differentially expressed in different regions of brain and responded to dietary LF intervention in pigleta, an animal model of human infant. The cellular abundance of LfR in ten subregions of piglet brain is regulated at the level of transcription. The role of LfR in neurodevelopment is under investigation. Funding Sources Medical School of Xiamen University.
doi:10.1093/cdn/nzaa057_056 fatcat:snbhyvekrjagvbv2nhmevoh7qm