Synthesis and Analysis of a Novel Linkage Mechanism with the Helical Motion of the End-Effector

Alexey Fomin, Daniil Petelin, Andreas Jahr
2020 Robotics  
The proposed study is focused on the development of a novel modification of the slider-crank mechanism, the kinematic scheme of which is organized by coupling planar and spatial (screw) kinematic chains. The structure of this mechanism provides the end-effector with a cyclic movement along a helicoidal trajectory, while all other links have planar motions. A kinematic analysis of the synthesized mechanism is discussed in this study. The motion variables of the end-effector at different pitches
more » ... different pitches in the screw joints are determined analytically and numerically. Based on the mechanism's kinematic scheme, its assembling computer-aided design (CAD) model has been created, in accordance with which a physical prototype has been built. A functional performance of the prototype is studied by comparing the displacements of its end-effector with analogical displacements of the CAD model. The question of the technological application of the developed mechanism for spring winding and various objects' screwing has been considered in this study.
doi:10.3390/robotics9030053 fatcat:66lpxiurkfgmrn547kuox6a5ji