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1922 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
416 It or tilc oil :111(1 not to conic i n wlicii the oil is (~~l i~.~~~~l to I~illi.. In tlic ~rorks tho oil hns t o I)c llcrc tho t,r:iiiljng of.tlle ciieinist conics into pl:iy, nntl i t is to g o t tilc c:lt:lIyst i n :I suit:tbIc fitntc that his sliill is rcqiiirctl. ~l l c CiirIy ivritcrs 0 1 1 this sulijcct, I I I U C~I of tilo p:itc~~t litcroturc, nnd siicli tccliiiicel pnpcrs :IS tlicrc arc, of coiirsc, bring in Iiiglicr n~atliclllntics :Illtl C V C~~ forn~ of niotlcrii 11igIi-cl:iss
doi:10.1002/jctb.5000411906 fatcat:fumhfj6gebes7dvk4cwaw3atta