Explicit solutions for some simple decentralized detection problems

G. Polychronopoulos, J.N. Tsitsiklis
1990 IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems  
We consider a decentralized detection problem in which a number of identical sensors transmit a finite-valued function of their observations to a fusion center which makes a final decision on one of M alternative hypotheses. We consider the case where the number of sensors is large and we derive (asymptotically) optimal rules for determining the messages of the sensors, for the case where the observations are generated from a simple and symmetrical set of discrete distributions. We also
more » ... the tradeoff between the number of sensors and the communication rate of each sensor when there is a constraint on the total communication rate from the sensors to the fusion center.
doi:10.1109/7.53441 fatcat:2zek4zovxbeebamlahl64x6jme