Teti Ratnawulan, S.
2016 Jurnal Edukasi  
In the management of teachers Counseling Counseling and Guidance Counseling coordinator already made plans to be implemented, evaluated, analyzed and acted upon the planned start of basic care guidance consists of understanding ourselves and the environment; develop the skills to identify the responsibilities; capable addresses the needs and problems, able to develop themselves in achieving the goal of life, responsive services consist of: individual counseling; crisis counseling; consulting
more » ... ling; consulting parents, teachers and hand over individual planning cases consist of: orientation activities; information activities; individual counseling; advocacy and support system / development of networking as consultation with the teacher; program of cooperation with parents and teachers; participate in planning school activities; do penilitian about the problems associated with Counseling cooperation and collaboration with other experts associated with servicing Counseling. Teachers Counseling in collaboration with subject teachers and homeroom implement its program through a schedule or timetable Counseling general subjects, or calling all students to be interviewed, or come to their own children Counseling space. In the implementation of guidance and counseling can not be separated from the Education Unit Level Curriculum (KTSP), which optimizes the development of self-learners.
doi:10.22373/je.v2i1.694 fatcat:pt4pd3bmi5hyviqiq6dul5f5f4