Improved Material Combinations for Stacking of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

O. Teller, W.A. Meulenberg, F. Tietz, E. Wessel, W.J. Quadakkers
2001 ECS Proceedings Volumes  
During the operation of a solid oxide fuel cell stack with metallic interconnect plates, oxide scales are formed at the surface of the interconnect material leading to an electrical insulating effect. In the present work, the electrical contact resistance between different ferritic interconnect steels and contact materials was studied at 800°C as a function of aging time. The contact materials consisting of a perovskitetype oxide and Ni mesh were tested under cathodic (air) and anodic (Ar/4
more » ... % H2/3 vol.% H2O) conditions. The results reveal that ferritic steels doped with reactive elements of La and Ti exhibit oxide scales with the highest electrical conductivity and the lowest increase of contact resistance with time. Elements as A1 and Si lead to an increase of the contact resistance. After the contact resistance measurements, polished cross sections of the samples were investigated by scanning electron microscopy. ) unless CC License in place (see abstract). address. Redistribution subject to ECS terms of use (see
doi:10.1149/200116.0895pv fatcat:mlribmdodbatne5gbnfwwcd73m