Inorganic chemistry

1904 Journal of the Chemical Society Abstracts  
Action of Ozone on Hydrogen. GEORGE PICKEL (Zeit. anorg. Chem., 1904, 38, 307-310).-0zone scts on hydrogen at temperatures below loo', and the union of the active oxygen with hydrogen takes place with greater rapidity than the transformation into ordinary oxygen. Sulphuric acid of sp. gr. 1.18 was electrolysed with a current of about 0.9 ampere and 3-7 volts, the electrodes being made of lead. The gaseous mixture was then dried and passed into a paraffin or airbath, regulated at the desired
more » ... at the desired temperhture, and the quantity of water formed was weighed. The experiments were conducted mainly at temperatures above 150'. I n some experiments, the ozone was estimated by tit ration with potassium iodide. A. McK.
doi:10.1039/ca9048605248 fatcat:bbzmx25mizfx7ey4uoovjn2qqq