Application of High Pressure Homogenization to Improve Stability and Decrease Droplet Size in Emulsion-Flavor Systems

Ocampo-Salinas I. O., ellez-Medina D. I., Jimenez-Martinez C., Davila-Ortiz G.
2016 International Journal of Environment Agriculture and Biotechnology  
Flavor is a mixture of organic compounds and is a quality parameter for food acceptability. During processing and storage, the concentration of flavor in foods could be diminished because of its volatility, causing a decrease in its intensity and food quality. Emulsions can mitigate flavor release upon food consumption; however, emulsions are thermodynamically unstable and are prone to develop particle size growth that contribute to instability; because of that, given their high physical
more » ... igh physical stability, there is a deep interest in nanoemulsions to incorporate flavors in foods and beverages. Using different valves systems such as radial diffusers, counter jet dispersers and orifice valves, it is possible to apply high pressures for homogenization of flavor emulsion systems in order to reduce droplet size and to improve stability. This review compiles and analyzes works related to the application of each homogenization system mentioned above in terms of the physicochemical and engineering principles implicated.
doi:10.22161/ijeab/1.4.6 fatcat:mxbgis26kffahpbbyt5vrenvoi