An increase of hydro-aggregate's installed power and efficiency factor before the revitalization phase

Dragan Petrovic, Veljko Vidakovic, Zoran Ciric, Sinisa Stojkovic, Miroslav Benisek, Ivan Bozic, Milorad Dragic, Milorad Zeljic
2006 Thermal Science  
by Dragan PETROVI], Veljko VIDAKOVI], Zoran ]IRI], Siniša STOJKOVI], Miroslav BENIŠEK, Ivan BOŽI], Milorad DRAGI], and Milorad ZELJI] Original scientific paper UDC: 621.221 BIBLID : 0354-9836, 10 (2006), Suppl., 4, 17-32 The re vi tal iza tion of hy dro-ag gre gates should be per formed be fore the life-time ex piry of most their parts. But, as in our prac tice ag gre gates have been un der ex ploi ta tion much lon ger then the o ret i cal life-time advices (40, even 50 years), there is a need
more » ... ), there is a need to es ti mate the equip ment's con di tion through more so phis ti cated mon i tor ing, pro vid ing the max i mum level of safety and avail abil ity with min i mum in vest ment ex penses, be fore the re vital iza tion fi nally takes place. That es ti ma tion is based on ap pro pri at ing calcu la tions and mea sure ments needed to take the com pe tent de ci sion. Re sults of that anal y sis can be also use ful for es ti ma tion of the ag gre gate's power and pa ram e ters af ter the re vi tal iza tion. In this pa per the re sults of ap pro pri ate cal cu la tions and mea sure ments for the Hydropower sta tion HE Zvornik are given. Key words: hy dro-ag gre gates, power in creas ing, cal cu la tions, mea surements, ef fi ciency increasing * 6 sensors average value ** 2 sensors (on the slot bottom) average value *** Corrected value for isolation temperature drop of 10 °C
doi:10.2298/tsci0604017p fatcat:r4prlgivsrhvja73oymedoey3u