Microemulsion based gel of sulconazole nitrate for topical application

Sumedha P Payyal, Narayana Charyulu R, Sandeep DS, Ravi GS, Anoop Narayanan V
2019 Turkish Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences  
Objectives:Sulconazole is a broad spectrum anti-fungal agent of imidazole class used against dermatophytes and other fungi to treat skin infections. The aim of present work was to formulate and evaluate microemulsion based topical sulconazole gel. Materials and Methods:Microemulsion formulation of sulconazole nitrate was prepared by using oil, surfactant, cosurfactantand water at different ratio. This was then subjected to clarity, particle size analysis, centrifugation test, dilution test,
more » ... dilution test, freeze thawing. Results:Zeta -potential of formulation F1 was found to be -41.3 and stable.pH of the microemulsion formulation was found within the range of pH of skin.The formulation F1 showed higher amount percentage drug as compared with other formulations. The viscosity showed that the formulation F1 was optimum.The freezing and thawing results showed there was no phase separation and the formulation was found to be stable.In vitrodrug release showed that the drug release from the microemulsion formulation F1 was found to be higher when compared to other formulations. It revealed F1 formulation with highest drug content of 95.88±0.3% and % cumulative drug release was found to be 88.75 % release in 8 h.In vivo skin irritation study on rats confirmed that formulation was non toxic and non irritant. Conclusion: The study of present work confirmed the safety of the formulated sulconazole loaded microemulsion gel for topical application.
doi:10.4274/tjps.75537 fatcat:f5pi75u4a5glzcgylhaxzoecni