Alternativeness of Attitudes to Formation of the Marketing Technologies of Construction Business Strategic Development

Anna Mihailovna Kulik, Ludmila Vasiljevna Usatova, Natalja Alekseevna Kaluckaja, Natalja Nikolaevna Peresypkina, Marina Aleksandrovna Ameljchenko
2015 Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences  
Marketing in a company is one of the main and essential components in its functioning. Marketing in its life activity is oriented to the market processes. For commercial organizations, the composition of tools, techniques and methods of marketing would seem obvious, but its use is provided by individual market strategy of the company. Commercial organizations for the effective use of marketing techniques and tools must have a certain human resources, marketing specialists. However, in the
more » ... wever, in the regions there is both a lack of personnel, and the experience of use of marketing in a number of industries. Development of marketing technologies and marketing technologisation is being possible in recent years, it should greatly facilitate the marketing work in the company and contribute to obtaining the desired result. Therefore, the main aim of the work is to provide a variety of approaches to the formation of marketing technologies of business strategic development Method 2. The research method is based on the main provisions of the theory of marketing, works of domestic and foreign scientists relating the issues of technologisation of marketing activities, the objective economic laws, dialectical and systemic approach, considering the phenomenon in the process of their development and in the interrelation. In the course of the research we examined the decisions of the Government of the Belgorod region concerning the construction complex, as well as theoretical works on various aspects of the problem. In the process of writing of the article the author used scientific methods, general scientific principles of dialectical development and system approach, models of technological push, the "pull by market" model, a combined model. The information was processed using information technologies. Results 3. Study of the theoretical approaches to the classification of the marketing technologies Marketing activity in general, as well as any marketing technology, has a target orientation. Setting and achieving the objective of marketing activity creates conditions for the formation of the concept, as a synergetic and customer-oriented philosophy of conducting business by the organization or person [1]. Selection of a marketing concept, which means marketing technology, depends on the profile of construction and the scope of construction organizations. While studying the theoretical approaches to the classification of marketing technologies and practical experience of their use, the following and most popular of them may be emphasized: targeting (definition of objectives), segmentation, marketing researches, positioning, analysis and forecasting. Targeting (target setting) as the marketing technology allows identifying according to certain parameters a target audience among total number of consumers, for which a particular company's product is meant and at which this or that advertising of this product is addressed. Segmentation as a marketing technology means a work relating split of the market into certain separate segments for research and study of consumers' demand, consumers' attitudes to certain products [2]. Marketing research is a marketing technology, the aim of which is to create an information-analytical base which provides making of marketing decisions and helps to reduce the uncertainty in the field of marketing and making effective decisions on marketing problems [3]. Positioning is a marketing technology, allowing the products of the companies using certain tools to take a more advantageous position on the market than the position of the competitors' goods. The analysis (including analysis of sales) -is a marketing technology, which includes activities concerning the research and study of market of goods and services, the availability and level of demand for certain products, goods, services, the study of the pricing policy on the market in dynamics, obtaining data and determining consumer attitudes to certain types of goods in order to increase the demand for the company's goods. Forecasting is one of the most important marketing technologies and represents the techniques and methods of marketing research in order to assess the prospects of the market, possibilities of its development, tracking of the dynamics of prices and their trends of their changes for the period of forecast. Forecasting may be short-term, mediumterm and long-term. [4] In general, summing up the above, it should be noted that the marketing technologies play a key role in achieving by the regional construction complex and, in particular, the construction companies of the region, their objectives, qualitatively and quantitatively satisfaction of the growing needs of consumers in construction products, changing and updating the architectural and construction look of the region in whole. Representing in a point of fact the decomposition of the marketing process at a stage and operations, with the subsequent regulation of the procedures and operations, the technologization of marketing activity in the construction activity of the region makes it possible to solve the problems emerged in this field most efficiently. Namely to study the consumer, his needs; to explore the motives of his behavior on the market; to analyze the market of construction products; to explore the product; to analyze forms and channels of distribution of products; to analyze the sales volumes of construction enterprises; to examine the competitors, to determine the shape and the level of competition; to examine the advertising activity; to determine the most effective ways to promote the construction products on the market; to study "niches" of the construction market of the region, or the forms of industrial or commercial activities in which the construction company has the best opportunities to realize their competitive advantages to increase profits and sales volume.
doi:10.5901/mjss.2016.v7n1p70 fatcat:2ccf6sxc6jdw5pk2g4iilwowle