Otitis complicated by Jacod's syndrome with unusal facial nerve involvement: Case report and review of literature

Kocer Abdulkadir, Sanlisoy Buket, Agircan Dilek, Okay Munevver, Aralasmak Ayse
Otitis media is a well-known condition and its infra-temporal and intracranial complications are extremely rare because of the widespread usage of antibiotic treatment. We report a case of 63-year-old female with complaints of right-sided facial pain and diplopia. She had a history of acute otitis media before 4 months of admission to our neurology unit. Neurological examination showed that total ophthalmoplegia with ptosis, mydriasis, decreased vision and loss of pupil reflex on the right
more » ... x on the right side. In addition, there was involvement of 5th and 7th cranial nerves. Neurological and radiological follow-up examinations demonstrated Jacod's Syndrome with unusual facial nerve damage and infection in aetiology. Sinusitis is the most common aetiology, but there are a few cases reported Jacod's Syndrome originating from otitis media.
pmid:25976583 fatcat:4jupdqrhabgfnijt4rxfbvtel4