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2018 Eurasian Mathematical Journal  
Editorial Board EditorsinChief FsF furenkovD wF ytelevD FeF dovnihy ViceEditorsinChief uFxF yspnovD FF rrykov Editors hFeF elimov @zekistnAD rF fegehr @qermnyAD F fekjn @ghinAD yFF fesov @ussiAD xFeF fokyev @uzkhstnAD eFeF foruev @uyrgyzstnAD qF fourdud @prneAD eF geE tno @ortuglAD wF grro @pinAD eFhFF ghoudry @kistnAD FxF ghurikov @ussiAD eFF hzumdildev @uzkhstnAD FwF pilippov @ussiAD rF qhzryn @ermeniAD wFvF qoldE mn @ussiAD F qoldshtein @ssrelAD F quliyev @ezerijnAD hFhF rroske @qermnyAD eF
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he iursin wthemtil tournl @iwtA pulishes refully seleted originl reserh ppers in ll res of mthemtis written y mthemtiinsD priniplly from iurope nd esiF rowever ppers y mthemtiins from other ontinents re lso welomeF prom time to time the iwt pulishes survey ppersF he iwt pulishes R issues in yerF he lnguge of the pper must e inglish onlyF he ontents of iwt re indexed in opusD e of iene @igsAD wthemtil eviewsD wthixetD entrlltt wth @werAD efertivnyi hurnl ! wtemtikD wthExetFuF he iwt is inluded in the list of journls reommended y the gommittee for gontrol of idution nd iene @winistry of idution nd iene of the epuli of uzkhstnA nd in the list of journls reommended y the righer ettesttion gommission @winistry of idution nd iene of the ussin pedertionAF Information for the Authors umissionF wnusripts should e written in ve nd should e sumitted eleE tronilly in hsD ostript or hp formt to the iwt iditoril y0e vi eEmil @eursinmjdyndexFkzAF hen the pper is eptedD the uthors will e sked to send the texE(le of the pper to the iditoril y0eF he uthor who sumitted n rtile for pulition will e onsidered s orresponding uthorF euthors my nominte memer of the iditoril ford whom they onsider pproprite for the rtileF roweverD ssignment to tht prtiulr editor is not gurnteedF gopyrightF hen the pper is eptedD the opyright is utomtilly trnsferred to the iwtF wnusripts re epted for review on the understnding tht the sme work hs not een lredy pulished @exept in the form of n strtAD tht it is not under onsidertion for pulition elsewhereD nd tht it hs een pproved y ll uthorsF itle pgeF he title pge should strt with the title of the pper nd uthors9 nmes @no degreesAF st should ontin the ueywords @no more thn IHAD the ujet glssi(tion @ew wthemtis ujet glssi(tion @PHIHA with primry @nd seondryA sujet lssi(tion odesAD nd the estrt @no more thn ISH words with miniml use of mthemtil symolsAF piguresF pigures should e prepred in digitl form whih is suitle for diret reprodutionF eferenesF filiogrphil referenes should e listed lphetilly t the end of the rtileF he uthors should onsult the wthemtil eviews for the stndrd revitions of journls9 nmesF euthors9 dtF he uthors9 0litionsD ddresses nd eEmil ddresses should e pled fter the eferenesF roofsF he uthors will reeive proofs only oneF he lte return of proofs my result in the pper eing pulished in lter issueF y'printsF he uthors will reeive o'prints in eletroni formF Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice por informtion on ithis in pulishing nd ithil guidelines for journl puliE tion see httpXGGwwwFelsevierFomGpulishingethis nd httpXGGwwwFelsevierFomGjournlE uthorsGethisF umission of n rtile to the iwt implies tht the work desried hs not een pulished previously @exept in the form of n strt or s prt of pulished leture or demi thesis or s n eletroni preprintD see httpXGGwwwFelsevierFomGpostingpoliyAD tht it is not under onsidertion for pulition elsewhereD tht its pulition is pproved y ll uthors nd titly or expliitly y the responsile uthorities where the work ws rried outD nd thtD if eptedD it will not e pulished elsewhere in the sme formD in inglish or in ny other lngugeD inluding eletronilly without the written onsent of the opyrightEholderF sn prtiulrD trnsltions into inglish of ppers lredy pulished in nother lnguge re not eptedF xo other forms of sienti( misondut re llowedD suh s plgirismD flsiE (tionD frudulent dtD inorret interprettion of other worksD inorret ittionsD etF he iwt follows the gode of gondut of the gommittee on ulition ithis @gyiAD nd follows the gyi plowhrts for esolving gses of uspeted wisondut (http : //publicationethics.org/files/u2/New C ode.pdf)F o verify origiE nlityD your rtile my e heked y the originlity detetion servie grossghek httpXGGwwwFelsevierFomGeditorsGplgdetetF he uthors re oliged to prtiipte in peer review proess nd e redy to provide orreE tionsD lri(tionsD retrtions nd pologies when neededF ell uthors of pper should hve signi(ntly ontriuted to the reserhF he reviewers should provide ojetive judgments nd should point out relevnt pulished works whih re not yet itedF eviewed rtiles should e treted on(dentillyF he reviewers will e hosen in suh wy tht there is no on)it of interests with respet to the reserhD the uthors ndGor the reserh fundersF he editors hve omplete responsiility nd uthority to rejet or ept pperD nd they will only ept pper when resonly ertinF hey will preserve nonymity of reviewers nd promote pulition of orretionsD lri(tionsD retrtions nd pologies when neededF he eptne of pper utomtilly implies the opyright trnsfer to the iwtF he iditoril ford of the iwt will monitor nd sfegurd pulishing ethisF The procedure of reviewing a manuscript, established by the Editorial Board of the Eurasian Mathematical Journal IF Reviewing procedure IFIF ell reserh ppers reeived y the iursin wthemtil tournl @iwtA re sujet to mndtory reviewingF IFPF he wnging iditor of the journl determines whether pper (ts to the sope of the iwt nd stis(es the rules of writing ppers for the iwtD nd direts it for preliminry review to one of the iditorsEinEhief who heks the sienti( ontent of the mnusript nd ssigns speilist for reviewing the mnusriptF IFQF eviewers of mnusripts re seleted from highly quli(ed sientists nd speilists of the vFxF qumilyov iursin xtionl niversity @dotors of sienesD professorsAD other univerE sities of the epuli of uzkhstn nd foreign ountriesF en uthor of pper nnot e its reviewerF IFRF hurtion of reviewing in eh se is determined y the wnging iditor iming t reting onditions for the most rpid pulition of the pperF IFSF eviewing is on(dentilF snformtion out reviewer is nonymous to the uthors nd is ville only for the iditoril ford nd the gontrol gommittee in the pield of idution nd iene of the winistry of idution nd iene of the epuli of uzkhstn @ggpiAF he uthor hs the right to red the text of the reviewF IFTF sf requiredD the review is sent to the uthor y eEmilF IFUF e positive review is not su0ient sis for pulition of the pperF IFVF sf reviewer overll pproves the pperD ut hs oservtionsD the review is on(dentilly sent to the uthorF e revised version of the pper in whih the omments of the reviewer re tken into ount is sent to the sme reviewer for dditionl reviewingF IFWF sn the se of negtive review the text of the review is on(dentilly sent to the uthorF IFIHF sf the uthor sends well resoned response to the omments of the reviewerD the pper should e onsidered y ommissionD onsisting of three memers of the iditoril fordF IFIIF he (nl deision on pulition of the pper is mde y the iditoril ford nd is reorded in the minutes of the meeting of the iditoril fordF IFIPF efter the pper is epted for pulition y the iditoril ford the wnging iditor informs the uthor out this nd out the dte of pulitionF IFIQF yriginls reviews re stored in the iditoril y0e for three yers from the dte of pulition nd re provided on request of the ggpiF IFIRF xo fee for reviewing ppers will e hrgedF PF Requirements for the content of a review PFIF sn the title of review there should e indited the uthor@sA nd the title of pperF PFPF e review should inlude quli(ed nlysis of the mteril of pperD ojetive ssessE ment nd resoned reommendtionsF PFQF e review should over the following topisX E ompline of the pper with the sope of the iwtY E ompline of the title of the pper to its ontentY E ompline of the pper to the rules of writing ppers for the iwt @strtD key words nd phrsesD iliogrphy etFAY E generl desription nd ssessment of the ontent of the pper @sujetD fousD tulity of the topiD importne nd tulity of the otined resultsD possile pplitionsAY E ontent of the pper @the originlity of the mterilD survey of previously pulished studies on the topi of the pperD erroneous sttements @if nyAD ontroversil issues @if nyAD nd so onAY E exposition of the pper @lrityD onisenessD ompleteness of proofsD ompleteness of iliE ogrphi referenesD typogrphil qulity of the textAY E possiility of reduing the volume of the pperD without hrming the ontent nd underE stnding of the presented sienti( resultsY E desription of positive spets of the pperD s well s of drwksD reommendtions for orretions nd omplements to the textF PFRF he (nl prt of the review should ontin n overll opinion of reviewer on the pper nd ler reommendtion on whether the pper n e pulished in the iursin wthemtil tournlD should e sent k to the uthor for revision or nnot e pulishedF Web-page he weEpge of iwt is wwwFemjFenuFkzF yne n enter the weEpge y typing iursin wthemtil tournl in ny serh engine @qoogleD ndexD etFAF he rhive of the weEpge ontins ll ppers pulished in iwt @free essAF Subscription por snstitutions • 6 PHH @or equivlentA for one volume @R issuesA • 6 TH @or equivlentA for one issue por sndividuls • 6 ITH @or equivlentA for one volume @R issuesA • 6 SH @or equivlentA for one issueF he prie inludes hndling nd postgeF he usription porm for susriers n e otined y eEmilX eursinmjdyndexFkz he iursin wthemtil tournl @iwtA he estn iditoril y0e he vFxF qumilyov iursin xtionl niversity fuilding noF Q oom QHT elFX CUEUIUPEUHWSHH extension QQQIP IQ uzhymukn t HIHHHV estnD uzkhstn he wosow iditoril y0e he eoples9 priendship niversity of ussi @hx niversityA oom SIS elFX CUERWSEWSSHWTV Q yrdzonikidze t IIUIWV wosowD ussi KUSSAINOVA LEILI KABIDENOVNA @to the UHth irthdyA yn wy QD PHIV ws the UHth irthdy of veili uidenovn uusE sinovD memer of the iditoril ford of the iursin wthemtil tournlD professor of the heprtment of pundmentl wthemtis of the vFxF qumilyov iursin xtionl niversityD hotor of hysE il nd wthemtil ienes @PHHHAD rofessor @PHHTAD ronorry worker of idution of the epuli of uzkhstn @PHHSAF vFuF uussinov ws orn in the ity of urgndF sn IWUP she grduted from the xovosiirsk tte niversity @ussin pedE ertionA nd then ompleted her postgrdute studies t the snstiE tute of wthemtis @elmtyAF vFuF uussinov9s sienti( superviE sors were distinguished uzkh mthemtiins FsF emnov nd wF ytelyevF ienti( works of vFuF uussinov re devoted to investigtion of the widths of emeddings of the weighted oolev spesD to emE eddings nd interpoltions of weighted oolev spes with weights of generl typeF he hs solved the prolem of threeEweighted emedding of isotropi nd nisotropi oolev spes in veesgue spesD the prolem of ext desription of the vionsEetre interpoltion spes for pir of weighted oolev spesF o solve these prolems vFuF uussinov otined nontrivil modi(tions of theorems on fesiovithEquzmn oversF he (rst reltes to overs y multidimensionl prllelepipedsD wheres the seond reltes to doule overs y uesF hese modi(tions hve llowed to otin the desription of the interpoltion spes in the weighted seF purthermoreD y using the doule overing theorem the ext desriptions of the multipliers were otined for pir of oolev spes of generl typeF he mximl opertors on sis of ues with djustle side lengthD whih were introdued y vFuF uussinovD hve llowed her to solve the prolem of twoEsided distriution estimte of widths of the emedding of twoEweighted oolev spes with weights of generl type in weighted veesgue spesF nder her supervision T theses hve een defendedX R ndidtes of sienes theses nd P hh thesesF he iditoril ford of the iursin wthemtil tournl ongrtultes veili uidenovn uussinov on the osion of her UHth irthdy nd wishes her good helth nd new hieveE ments in mthemtis nd mthemtil edutionF The awarding ceremony of the Certicate of the Emerging Sources Citation of Index database sn PHIT the iursin wthemtil tournl hs een inluded in the imerging oures gittion of sndex @igsA of the 4glrivte enlytis4 @formerly 4homson euters4A e of ieneF sn PHIV the seond journl of the vFxF qumilyov iursin xtionl niversityD nmely the iursin tournl of wthemtil nd gomputer epplitions ws lso inluded in igsF he igs ws lunhed in lte PHIS s new dtse within 4glrivte enlytis4F eround QDHHH journls were seleted for overge t lunhD spnning the full rnge of sujet resF he seletion proess for igs is the (rst step in pplying to the iene gittion sndexF ell journls sumitted for evlution to the ore e of iene dtses will now initilly e evluted for the igsD nd if suessfulD indexed in the igs while undergoing the more inE depth editoril reviewF iming for igs evlution will follow 4glrivte enlytis4 priorities for expnding dtse overgeD rther thn the dte tht journls were sumitted for evlutionF tournls indexed in the igs will not reeive smpt ptorsY howeverD the ittions from the igs will now e inluded in the ittion ounts for the tournl gittion eportsD therefore ontriuting to the smpt ptors of other journlsF sf journl is indexed in the igs it will e disoverle vi the e of iene with n identil indexing proess to ny other indexed journlD with full ittion ountsD uthor informtion nd other enrihmentF ertiles in igs indexed journls will e inluded in n uthor9s rEsndex lultionD nd lso ny nlysis onduted on e of iene dt or relted produts suh s sngitesF sndexing in the igs will improve the visiility of journlD provides mrk of qulity nd is good for uthorsF o ommemorte this importnt hievement of mthemtiins of the vFxF qumilyov iursin xtionl niversity on tune IRD PHIVD y the inititive of the 4glrivte enlytis4D the wrding eremony of the gerti(te of imerging oures gittion sndex dtse of 4glrE ivte enlytis4 to the editoril ords of the iursin wthemtil tournl nd the iursin tournl of wthemtil nd gomputer epplitions ws held t the vFxF qumilyov iursin xtionl niversityF he progrmme of this eremony is tthedF IH estn tune IRD PHIV Venue: L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University Astana, Satpayev street 2, Room 259 14:30-15:00 isit to the wuseum of the history of idutionD wuseum of vFxF qumilyovD wuseum of writing 15:00-15:10 ypening speeh of modertor A. Moldazhanova ! the pirst ieEetorD ieEetor for edemi orks of vFxF qumilyov iursin xtionl niversity 15:10-15:20 Oleg Utkin E wnging hiretor of glrivte enlytis in ussi nd the gs 15:20-15:30 gerti(tion wrd eremony of the iursin wthemtil tournlD the iursin tournl of wthemtil nd gomputer epplitions in interntionl dtse 15:30-15:45 Kordan Ospanov ! heputy iditorEinEghief of the iursin wthemtil tournlF ristory nd perspetives of development of the sienti( journl iursin wthemtil tournl 15:45-16:00 Kazizat Iskakov ! heputy iditorEinEghief of the iursin tournl of wthE emtil nd gomputer epplitionsF ristory nd perspetives of development of the sienti( journl iursin tournl of wthemtil nd gomputer epE plitionsF 16:00-16:10 glosing geremony wemory photo 16:10-16:30 go'ee rek for visitors 16:40-17:20 Lyaziza Mukasheva E y0il representtive of glrivte enlytis in the gentrl esin region eminr for editors of sienti( journls ienti( lirry of vFxF qumilyov iursin xtionl niversity room IHR EURASIAN MATHEMATICAL JOURNAL sx PHUUEWVUW olume WD xumer P @PHIVAD PP ! QQ Abstract. fsed on some vritionl methods for smooth funtionls de(ned on re)exive fE nh spesD the existene of periodi solutions for lss of pErmiltonin systems is estlishedF
doi:10.32523/2077-9879-2018-9-2-22-33 fatcat:u4o6fgii6re4fnvud2hssrxism