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1854 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Trentment of Clwlera. deviate, tl~ere is darlqer of his losing caste, and being fi.owned upon by those wl~ose dictum is J,udex in higll places ; and netrer, till each pllysician Ilas independence enough to use his own judgment, in the treatment of disease, call the profession hold up in its front the nlotto "Excelsior," and be progressive. ASIATIC CHOLERA. LCominurJc~ted for the Boston Xedical aud Surgical Journal.] PROBABLY almost every physician on the approach of cholera the present season,
more » ... he present season, aslted hilriself the question, wllat remedy shall I give in the cases that lnay corne under my care? T h e subscriber malblted out a course for himself at the onset, and here it is, wit11 the result :-Calomel, 20 grains ; this arrested vomiting, and was retained in the stomach, wit11 one exception, \\)here the dose was repeated, and then retained ; frolrl 1 to 2 prs. calornel administered every hour or two, till the bowels were operated upon by tlie medicine. hliistard was also applied at the beginning, over the stor~~ach and liver, and the feet put into warrn water. T h e patient was allowed ice water to drink, one hour after the first dose of calon~el was given. Calomel has a three-fold effect in cholera ; 1st) to arrest the vomiting ; ad, to carry off foul or indigested matter ; and, 3d, to cause a secretion of bile, which is always arrested in cl~olrra. Four sevenths of the patients treated as above, recovered ; and in every case where a secretion of bile was li~anifest io the stools, recovery followed. HENRY RUSSELL, M.D. Providence, B. I., 9th mo. 1 lth, 1854.
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