Welding of Single Crystal Superalloy CMSX-4: Experiments and Modeling

D. Dye, K.T. Conlon, P.D. Lee, R.B. Rogge, R.C. Reed
2004 Superalloys 2004 (Tenth International Symposium)   unpublished
The residual stresses in a gas tungsten arc weld of the single crystal superalloy CMSX-4 have been examined using neutron diffraction techniques. The longitudinal component of the residual stress field was found to be dominant, reaching a value of 650 MPa in the weld zone. In order to rationalise the results, finite element modeling was carried out. Strategies are suggested for the manufacture of a single crystal weld that is not subject to strain-induced recrystallization during heat treatment.
doi:10.7449/2004/superalloys_2004_485_491 fatcat:vrf5y3gqzzbcdi2notshuitkcu