Accuracy of LAMP-TB Method for Diagnosing Tuberculosis in Haiti

Taijin Kaku, Fujihiko Minamoto, Richard D'Meza, Willy Morose, Jacque Boncy, Josette Bijou, Harry Geffrard, Miki Yoshida, Toru Mori
2016 Japanese journal of infectious diseases (Print)  
The procedure of ultra-rapid extraction (PURE) and loop-mediated isothermal amplification for tuberculosis (LAMP-TB) is a simple and rapid manual tuberculosis diagnostic with mediumthroughput capability. Because of its simplicity, this method could be useful in resource-limited conditions such as microscopy centers in developing countries. This study was conducted to evaluate the clinical performance of this method in a point-of-care setting. The performance was compared to that of smear
more » ... hat of smear microscopy and liquid culture in a hospital laboratory in Haiti, which is considered a representative facility for the implementation of this method. The sensitivity, based on culture-positivity, was 86z (95z confidence interval: 81.3-90.3z) and that based on the smear-negative and culturepositive results was 51z (38.7-63.5z). The specificity based on sample negativity for both smear and culture was 98.4z (96.8-99.2). These results are nearly equivalent to those of a clinical study performed in Japan and are comparable with those of other nucleic acid amplification methods. Thus, approximately 18z more tuberculosis patients could be identified by adding the LAMP-TB method to routine smear microscopy in field settings in Haiti. In addition, it is suggested that local technicians could perform LAMP-TB after only short-term training.
doi:10.7883/yoken.jjid.2015.519 pmid:27000457 fatcat:d723nvc5s5hidiqscqjgpx4x3u