The Effects Of Ga-Doped CdSe Thin Films On The Electrical Properties Prepared By Thermal Evaporation Technique

Ibrahim Agool, Hamza Mahdi, Nadheer Mohammed
2017 Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology (JMEST)   unpublished
This paper reports electrical properties study of thermal evaporation CdSe:Ga thin films on glass substrate and with Ga Concertino (1,3and5) % wt of thickness(400±20)nm. The effect of Ga concentration on some of the electrical properties such as D.C conductivity and Hall Effect has been studied. It has been found that the increase in Ga concentration caused an increase in d.c conductivity at R.T .All films have shown two activation energies, where these values decreases with increasing doping
more » ... tio. The maximum value of activation energy was (0.2990) eV for pure CdSe film in the thermal range (25-30) C , Also the charge carrier concentration increases with increasing Ga concentration, and it varies between 94.07×10 +18 cm-3 for pure films and 245.45×10 +18 cm-3 for doping films with 5wt%Ga. The Hall mobility at laboratory temperature has been calculated, and it is decreased exponentially from 91.34cm 2 /V.sec for the pure film to 47.59 cm 2 /V.sec for doped films with 5wt% Ga.